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Binary Artisans successfully completes post-Acquisition business process re-engineering effort at logistics company, implementing industry-leading Factoring software FactorSoft from BaySide solutions. Project completed on time and under budget.

Binary Artisans completes call center technology turnaround effort, expanding services to include Predictive Dialing and core CTI support.

Binary Artisans adds clients and consultants with a renewed focus on service expansion.

We introduce our online digital signature technolog, enabling our clients to complete secure, non-repudable transactions over the internet.

TIX live market feed is introduced to the leisure hospitality industry. Coupled with an online booking engine, this feed will grow to reach 120 million travelers over the next two years.

Binary Artisans adds the Leadership series, a collection of timely insights into best practices and inspired ideas on business and technology.

Notable efforts in 2003 include:
  • developing and executing a knowledge and skills transfer plan for a complete, critical-path IT department relocation from the U.S. to Canada for a Global Insurance Client
  • migrating a mature enterprise-class CMMS product from a C++/VB client-server platform to a web-based J2EE platform without plugins for a nationally-known maintenance management software vendor
  • estblishing a complete corporate image, including marketing plan and website, for a midwest property management startup

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